[Kickstarter Public Special Feature No. 6] About the characteristics of “small drawer” and “pot stand” (Part 2)



④Using lacquer, a natural paint derived from plants

"Urushi" is a natural paint made from the sap of the sumac tree.

If left untreated, wooden furniture and tableware will be damaged by mold, rot, and damage from insects.

Lacquer has antibacterial, anti-mold, and deodorizing effects, as well as excellent water and heat resistance, so applying lacquer to the surface increases the strength and durability of furniture and tableware, and can last for over 100 years. It becomes possible to use it.

In addition to these functional aspects, lacquer also has a beautiful luster as a decorative paint, and its beauty only increases as time passes.

It is said that some lacquered products become most beautiful 20 years after they are made.

Therefore, Japanese lacquerware has been exported all over the world as a luxury item since ancient times.

Iwate Prefecture has long been a famous lacquer production area, and it is said that lacquer painting supported the elegance of Hiraizumi culture.

One of the major features of "Iwayado Tansu" is that the outside of the main body is coated with lacquer from the local Iwate Prefecture 5 to 6 times.

Lacquer painting is a very labor-intensive and time-consuming process, as it involves repeatedly applying, wiping, and polishing the surface of the furniture.

However, lacquer changes in response to changes in temperature and humidity and remains elastic forever.

Therefore, the more you use Iwayado Tansu, the more the lacquer will settle down, develop a deeper flavor and luster, and become more durable and elegant.

⑤ Splendid metal fittings decorated with Nambu ironware elevated to the level of art

A unique feature of Iwayado Tansu that is not found in other Japanese chests of drawers is the decoration with metal fittings.

There are two types of metal fittings: ``hand-made metal fittings'', in which the pattern is created by carefully punching out a pattern on an iron or copper plate using a hammer or chisel; There are two types of ``Nanbu ironware fittings (cast metal fittings)'' that are made by pouring the metal, and this time we use ``Nanbu ironware fittings (cast metal fittings)'' for the ``small drawer'' and the ``pot stand''.

100Durable to withstand years of use

Nowadays, fast products that are made in large quantities and then thrown away are becoming a problem.

Utilizing limited resources effectively and using manufactured products for a long time leads to a reduction in greenhouse gases, garbage, and waste emitted during the manufacturing process, which is kind to the environment, nature, and people. , it can now be said to be common knowledge around the world.

In Japan, on the other hand, there is a deep-rooted culture of using important everyday items with care for a long time, as exemplified by the technique of ``kintsugi,'' which involves repairing broken tea bowls by piecing them together.

It can be said that the Japanese word ``mottainai'' has now become a global standard.


The ``small drawer'' and ``pot stand'' of ``Iwayado Tansu'' are made of natural materials and have a sturdy and simple construction, so if handled with care, they can last for over 100 years.

The ``small drawer'' and ``pot stand'' of ``Iwayado Tansu'' emphasize the importance of using good things for a long time and passing them on from parents to children and then to grandchildren.


⑦Free to use according to your lifestyle

Although it is a traditional craft, the ``small drawer'' and ``pot stand'' of ``Iwayado Tansu'' can be used freely.

Whether it's in the kitchen, bedroom, or outdoors, you can use it the way you like and combine it to suit your lifestyle.

Of course, you are free to decide what you want to store, and it matches modern life as part of your interior.




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